Camille Davre and her mom, Angela, got to see a lot of the country the last year in their search for the perfect college for the seven-time Whitefish Bay girls track champion.

Oregon, Washington D.C. and many stops all over the Midwest had their particular advantages, and all had little questions that needed to be answered.

In the end, the University of Michigan answered almost all of them as the swift and strong Camille finally answered the question that she said at some points in the past year "had taken over her life."

Here are excerpts from Angela Davre's Facebook post explaining how this all came to be:

"Today, November 12, Cami has finally made a decision on where she will be going to school the next 4-5 years; where she will stretch her limits and see what potential she truly has in regards to running. She has chosen a school that will not only offer her great coaching and athletes who will challenge her and help her reach her potential, but a school that will provide a great education so that she can excel in her future when she is not longer an athlete.

"Prior to any traveling, she had many emails, texts and phones calls beyond those universities listed below. She was accepted to Duke and offered a very generous scholarship, which she ultimately declined (ouch!) as she wanted to find a good balance of a good school with a strong track and field program.

"Together, we trekked to the east coast and visited Georgetown. What a fabulous university in a beautiful area near Washington D.C. And, she loved the team. The University has a certain mystique about it with all the the old buildings and history.

"We then visited the University of Michigan, which offers a coach with a great record of developing athletes and sending athletes to the Olympic trials and Olympics. There are also runners that have gone on to run professionally and have stayed and come to train with coach McGuire. There, she would also be able to get a great education, and there is a lot of academic support for their athletes.

"University of Wisconsin – feels like home! She loved it. The coaches were so nice, and there is a ton of technology utilized to help the athletes excel to reach their full potential and avoid injury. And, there was nothing near as enticing as their smoothie bar.

"Our last visit was last weekend to the University of Oregon – TrackTown USA. Need I say more? What a great place. Super talented runners, young and energetic and personable coach, unequaled hiking and running trails. Their reputation speaks for itself – many of their athletes participate in the Olympic trials and go to the Olympics. Like Michigan, they also have many athletes that go on to run professionally and choose to stay in Eugene to train.

"I am so proud of Cami. She really struggled to make her decision. As you can see, these are all great choices, and each made scholarship offer, letting her know that they wanted her to come and represent their school. She sought the counsel of many coaches, friends and family. I will miss our nightly walks, talking about the pros and cons of each program to help with the decision. It was hard, but I am proud to have remained totally neutral throughout the process. The decision had to be hers."

Camille is happy that the process is finally completed and could say nothing but good things about all the schools involved.

"To be honest, if you had asked me a week ago, I would have honestly told you that I had no idea," she said, "but everyone I spoke too told me that there was really no wrong decision. In the end, it came down to Michigan and Oregon, and I've wanted to go to Oregon since I was a little kid, but I had to sit down and rationally think about my future. In the end, it just seemed like less of a risk to go to Michigan. And I was so comfortable with coach (Mike) McGuire.

"There were just so many things to like about both schools. I made a list of pros and cons, talked to family members, but everybody wanted it to be my decision. They (the schools) were just so close. I had to make a decision. And you really can't beat a Michigan education. You get a chance to go to a school that good, how could I turn it down?"

She said the offer was "very, very generous" and that like most schools, the amount of the scholarship could rise depending how well things go. There's a built-in red-shirt year, too.

Davre has not made a decision about a major but thinks she might use exercise physiology as a jump-off point.

The four-time all-state cross-country runner and her family can enjoy the holidays in peace, and she can prepare for her senior-year track season. There she's looking to lay down some historic markers on a career that already includes three consecutive WIAA 800- and 1,600-meter titles as well as the 800 state record and another state title as anchor leg of the 2015 4x800 relay team.

She believes she will be happy in Michigan.

"The campus is a little like Madison's," she said. "They're comparable. Big state schools with beautiful areas all over the place to run."

Right into what promises to be an amazing future.