Endorses Frazer in Fox Point

Dear editor,

I am writing today to ask you to join me in voting for Doug Frazer for village president.

Doug and his wife, Karen Schapiro, have lived in Fox Point for 23 years. Their two sons, Nathan and Jacob, graduated from the Milwaukee Jewish Day School and Nicolet High School. Doug is a husband, father, practicing attorney, former village trustee and a distinguished citizen of Fox Point. He understands our community and its ethos.

For the past several years, he has written over 70 articles in the Fox Point of View monthly magazine. These articles have covered a wide range of topics relating to our community, including its notable residents, its history and landmarks, and its government.

In the six years that Doug served on the board, I, as the chair, was able to observe him in action first hand. Doug’s native intelligence, education, experience and his tenure as village trustee have prepared him well to be our next village president. I and my colleagues on the village board have all endorsed Doug, as well as former Village President Mark Pollack and 12 former trustees.

Experience counts. Doug has it.

Please vote for Doug Frazer in our election on April 4.

Michael A. West

Fox Point

Asks for residents’ vote

Dear Editor,

I am running for village president and I ask for your vote on April 4. The village president must lead, and possess a thorough understanding of village operations, structure, staffing, and the legal and procedural requirements we are duty bound to respect. I will ensure the board functions smoothly, openly, professionally and in the best interests of our residents.

The village is in great shape. In my six years on the village board, we presented an essentially flat levy (village tax) year-to-year — carefully balancing services, taxes, and fees — our eyes always fixed on opportunities for innovation and improvement. Fiscal responsibility and community stewardship — informed by a commitment to an open government — come from careful preparation, thoughtful deliberation, and common-sense decision making.

Moving forward, we will have challenges — and opportunity for community involvement. We are in need of a new pool and must determine how it should look and how to fund it. We need a thorough and fair review of the Mandel Group’s proposal for the Dunwood School property. We would benefit from citizen engagement through online surveys. We need to work with our school districts to maintain our excellent schools and market them toward attracting young families. We need to welcome new residents with open arms.

Goals are best achieved with an experienced hand on the rudder. I have that experience. For the past 23 years, my wife, Karen Schapiro, and I have raised our two sons here. Many of you have read my 70 plus articles on village life, history and government in the Fox Point of View. I know our village and I’ve demonstrated my commitment. The village presidency is an office of importance. It’s not an entry-level job. I look forward to continuing my service to the Fox Point community.

Douglas H. Frazer

Fox Point

Makes endorsement in Shorewood

Dear editor,

I encourage the Shorewood community to vote for incumbent Ann McKaig as trustee.

I have known Ann for at least 10 years, since our children were at Lake Bluff Elementary School. Ann has evolved into a trustee. As she saw the needs of our community, she responded in service. She has a quiet demeanor that focuses on a task without calling undo attention to herself.

I have admired how she brought our community's attention to Estabrook Park and how she partnered with Friends of Atwater Beach and Shorewood Foundation to revitalize Atwater Park as a village recreational destination. Now, as a trustee, I have observed how Ann respectfully engages with our citizens and represents their concerns. I appreciate her style of working with kindness and as a fellow community member.

Anne DeSellier


Supports Shah for school board

Dear editor,

I write to endorse Paru Shah for the Shorewood School Board. She has served ably on the board as a member, and has excelled as president. Here, I will expand on just one of many accomplishments during her time on the board.

A few years ago, Paru and the board took up the work of expanding the district anti-discrimination policy to include gender identity, and developed detailed guidelines for how the district will treat students whose gender identity does not match their sex assigned at birth or who do not conform to gender stereotypes. This progressive and much-needed work occurred before “bathroom bills” became a daily news item. Paru and the board, and the school administration, addressed this issue at the time because it was the right thing to do for students.

Based on this work, the school board and district received a statewide best practices award from GSAFE in 2014. Further, Shorewood’s district policy was specifically identified as an example of a best practice in guidance issued by the U.S. departments of education and justice last year, which was made available to all schools across the country.

Paru’s work on the school board has led directly to Shorewood being a more inclusive, welcoming, and safe school district for all students, and helps set an example for other districts to follow to improve their climate as well. Please join me in re-electing Paru Shah for her leadership, compassion and commitment to our schools and students.

Lance Weinhardt


Supports Frazer because of experience

Dear editor,

Serving as Fox Point village president is not an entry-level job. Experience really does count. That’s why we are enthusiastically supporting Douglas Frazer’s candidacy for that job.

We have been village residents for 10 years and have had the opportunity to observe Douglas at a number of village board meetings when he served as a member of the village board. We were impressed with his knowledge of the issues facing our village and his ability to come up with common-sense solutions to complicated problems.

Douglas also has a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm about the village that is infectious. The columns he writes about the village for a local magazine are a perfect example. Whether he is writing about birding in the village, our architectural and historic landmarks, how the village was incorporated or who were our first settlers, he shows a passion and sense of place that we should all want to see in a village leader.

With Douglas as village president, we can be sure that our past will be respected, present issues and concerns will be properly addressed, and our future will be enthusiastically imagined and carefully planned.

We urge our fellow residents to turn out on Tuesday, April 4, and to vote for Douglas Frazer for Fox Point village president.

Carl and Barbara Schwartz

Fox Point

Makes trustee endorsement in Fox Point

Dear editor,

The April 4 election for Fox Point village trustee is approaching quickly. I would like to express my support for the re-election of Terry McGauran as village trustee.

Terry became a good friend when his family moved to Fox Point in 1974. We share many interests in common and I have enjoyed watching Terry and his wife, Diane, raise their now-grown sons in the village.

I serve on the Fox Point Board of Appeals. While I don’t attend many other meetings in the village, I am aware of the contributions Terry has been making to the village in his role as trustee. He has demonstrated sound judgement and integrity. He carefully considers all issues and concerns which come before the board of trustees, and strives to favor that course of action which is best for the village and its residents. He is unaffected by personal agenda or bias and welcomes commentary from village residents. He is committed to keeping Fox Point a special place to live and raise a family.

I endorse Terry’s candidacy and hope that my fellow voters will choose to re-elect Terry McGauran as Fox Point village trustee.

Robert Schley

Fox Point

Endorses McGauran in Fox Point

Dear editor,

The spring election is just a few short weeks away, and I hope you will join me in supporting Terry McGauran for re-election to Fox Point village trustee.

I have known Terry and his family for many years, as both our families are longtime Fox Point residents. I was pleased that Terry decided to run and was elected to his first term in 2014. Terry brings a wealth of experience from his many years with Johnson Controls, and has demonstrated his thoughtfulness and common sense approach in dealing with the various village issues and challenges. He is committed to preserving those village traditions, high-quality municipal services and amenities, and the tranquil and secure surroundings that make Fox Point a desirable community.

Please join me in supporting Terry and make sure you get to the polls on April 4 to give him your vote.  Thank you.

Randy Rohmer

Fox Point

Weighs in on Fox Point race

Dear editor,

With the spring election just a few weeks away, I am endorsing Christine Symchych and Terry McGauran for re-election as village of Fox Point trustees.

Christine has served as village trustee for two terms and chairs numerous village committees. She is also the elected representative on the North Shore Library Board. Christine’s 20-plus years experience as a city planner gives her a great depth of experience in assessing and dealing with the multitude of issues facing the village. She continues to contribute to the success of the village with innovative ideas and common sense solutions.

Terry McGauran, also an incumbent, and his wife Diane are long-time residents of Fox Point. Our families have been friends for many years. Terry’s 40-plus years with Johnson Controls in various management positions has served him well as he weighs the ongoing issues and decisions that come before the board. Terry has an open mind and a willingness to listen and learn. The experience he gained in his first term has added to his qualifications and skills.

I served as a village trustee with Christine for much of her terms and with Terry for part of his first term. I personally saw that they have sound judgment, integrity, and concentrate on what is best for all our residents when considering the various issues and concerns that come before the board. They carefully deliberate and consider all citizen commentary to ensure that their votes are in keeping with Fox Point’s mission and goals.

Experience and a calm steady hand are needed in providing the village with a highly functional village board. I strongly endorse Christine’s and Terry’s candidacies and urge my fellow Fox Point voters to re-elect Christine Symchych and Terry McGauran to the position of village of Fox Point trustee.

FR Dengel

Fox Point

Says Fox Point needs change

Dear editor,

Previously in the village of Fox Point, we have had no opposition when it came to candidates running for village trustee. Now it is time for the residents to come together and vote for change.

The incumbents have made some awful decisions, such as the hiring of our previous village manager, privatization of our water department and complete lack of transparency along with communication with residents on large spending projects. All the credentials in the world will not make a trustee a valuable asset to the village if they make bad decisions that cost the village money and they don’t feel accountable.

The former manager cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars to pay out her contract and we lost several good long-term employees. We now have a village manager doing a commendable job and he was discovered by a newly elected trustee, not one of the incumbents.

Why is it that over $22,000 of our tax money goes to pay for private attorney fees to defend two of the incumbents against ethics charges? Why is it we built a $1 million bridge that only serves a small portion of the village and have no money to print a newsletter? Do you get the feeling the decisions by the trustees are made by the time they officially vote?

Then vote for change, vote for Hollander for president and Ollman for trustee; they have the entire village in mind.

Bob and Terry Worth

Fox Point

Chance to infuse new blood in Fox Point

Dear editor,

After years of the village board of Fox Point ignoring constituents and operating under a shroud of secrecy, we have the opportunity to infuse new life and sorely needed transparency to our local government.

We are urging village residents to participate in the upcoming election for the Fox Point Village Board on Tuesday, April 4, and to vote for two candidates in particular. Voting for Greg Ollman for board trustee and Gary Hollander for village president will be a step toward a village board that listens to residents and considers the interests of the entire community.

Both are longtime Fox Point residents with a clear understanding of our village’s unique character. They are active community members who see the Fox Point of today, but also what the village can be for the next generation with proper management and planning.

This is a crucial election -- and it’s important that you vote on April 4. We need to turn this board over. The margin of defeat for a previous candidate in the last election was 10 votes. This is a game of inches.

Please consider a vote for transparency and quality on our village board. Please vote for Greg Ollman and Gary Hollander.

Danny and Suzanne Veseth

Fox Point

Says informed voters are crucial

Dear editor,

Many of us have been opting out of our civic duty to stay informed and involved, especially in our immediate community. Uninformed voters result in elected officials that are unaccountable for their actions, and we end up with closed government.

We need elected government bodies that are transparent to the citizenry. We voters should know what is being deliberated (behind closed doors) before it becomes a “done deal.” We should have time to make our wishes known when large amounts of our tax money are proposed to be spent. We should know each other and have opportunity for exchanging ideas.

Fox Point has not had transparency or accountability in government from its recent incumbents, but has a very good chance of acquiring one on election day, April 4, with early voting starting on March 20.

Through election, we can elect two candidates who promise to make the village board an open body that encourages communication to and from the residents. Gary Hollander and Greg Ollman are candidates for president and trustee, respectively. They want participation from us and promise accountability for their actions. They also promote building stronger community among us.

I hope you will vote for change, openness, accountability and community.
Judy Shirley

Fox Point

Supports Carpenter in Shorewood

Dear editor,

I have been a Shorewood resident and taxpayer for more than 32 years. On April 4, I will vote for Jessica Carpenter for village trustee. Jessica will bring refreshing vision and openness with a "citizens first" attitude to a board that has more recently supported business development at all costs.

Jessica Carpenter will encourage open dialogue by hosting regular town hall meetings to encourage citizen input. She is the only candidate to support referendums for large investments made by the village outside of infrastructure improvements. She is also the only candidate who does not support additional TIF projects in the Village.

Infrastructure is a main priority. Jessica Carpenter sees the need for maintenance and retention of our aging roads, sidewalks, sewers and schools. Jessica is concerned about Shorewood's affordability. Rising property taxes worry seniors whose homes may be paid for but may be jeopardized because of them. Young families find that high property taxes and increasing utility bills in Shorewood cause them to look elsewhere for new homes.

A graduate of Syracuse University, Jessica has 15 years executive experience in large and small companies. Now as a young mother of two small children, she works from her home. Jessica Carpenter is the only candidate endorsed by Sandy Pasch, former Wisconsin state representative for our district.

Shorewood needs a new, fresh, citizen-centered member of the board of trustees. I urge you to vote for Jennifer Carpenter on April 4.
Anne Clausen

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