Enjoyed recent Nicolet theater production

To the editor,

To use a popular sports-related analogy, the Nicolet High School Theater Department “hit it out of the park” with its recent production of “Ragtime.”

Just like a well-trained athletic team, the students spent countless hours perfecting their roles while being guided by the able leadership of staff members. Actors, crews and musicians did a magnificent job as they worked together to create an incredible theater experience for a very appreciative and supportive audience.

The auditorium was filled with beautiful singing, energetic dancing, wonderful orchestration and amazing set designs. Most importantly, though, the cast artistically told the story of America, a country composed of great diversity, wealth, poverty, prejudice, hope and despair. By taking part in this production, students got a first-hand lesson in understanding past and present challenging societal issues.

There is a memorable lyric from a song late in the play that says, “Make them hear you.” Our young people on stage did just that. They skillfully make those in attendance hear and be aware that undeniably much still needs to be done to bring a sense of order to this uncertain world we all share.

Marilyn Franklin

Fox Point

Throws support behind village president candidate

To the editor,

As a life-long resident of Fox Point, I am pleased to support Douglas Frazer in his candidacy for village president.

Doug and I have been friends for many years and throughout this time he has impressed me with his commitment to and passion for the well-being of our community. From serving as village trustee for six years to digging up fascinating, long-lost details about Fox Point’s rich history for his articles in the Fox Point of View, Doug consistently demonstrates his desire and ability to serve our community.

Doug’s patience and personality enable him to evaluate important matters and differing viewpoints with an eye toward both short and long-term implications. He understands that investment and fiscal responsibility are two sides of the same coin, and that both are necessary and desirable. It is precisely Doug’s thoughtful intelligence combined with his evident pride of place that will serve him well in a position that requires responsible vision, passion and perspective.

I hope you will consider joining me in casting your vote for Douglas Frazer on April 4.

Sharon Madnek

Fox Point

Supports village board candidate in Shorewood

To the editor,

This is a letter in support for the re-election of Mike Maher to the Shorewood Village Board.

I have known Mike for years, first as a professional colleague whose judgment and fiscal management skills I relied on and later from his contributions to the Shorewood community over his 11 years of service as a village trustee. In both capacities, he exhibits his strengths: he is thorough and even handed in his analysis, works well in collaboration with groups that have varied interests and helps reach balanced decisions.

I have lived in Shorewood for 28 years, and care deeply about its welfare as a community. There are real challenges that require creative approaches and difficult choices. Development goals need to be reconciled with preserving and increasing green space. Maintaining the high level of public services must be reconciled with making it affordable.

The current Village board and administration have been doing an excellent job of balancing those interests, and Mike has played an integral part. He has been very involved in some of the accomplishments of the village over his years of service, like maintaining financial stability even during challenging times and addressing infrastructure needs. Some of his greatest contributions have been to the health of our park and open spaces: preserving, protecting and expanding the park land along the Milwaukee River, and improving Atwater Beach and Park, which has a restored bluff, a new beach boardwalk and two new playgrounds.

Shorewood is a wonderful, livable community. Mike Maher and his fellow trustees have been instrumental in protecting and improving this. I urge you to vote for Mike on April 4.

Ruth Irvings


Makes endorsement for Shorewood village board

To the editor,

With spring elections soon upon us, I have been talking with some friends and other residents about what we are looking for in our candidates for Shorewood village trustee. The consensus is that we are looking for candidates who have a proven record of service to the village; respect and know how to empower our talented village staff; can point to successful planning and oversight of village finances; are continuously refreshing themselves and welcoming change that will benefit the community; and are genuinely excited about working with residents to set and reset village priorities.

The great thing is we don’t have to look far to find two great candidates for the two open seats for village trustee.

With their many years of service to you as trustees, Michael Maher and Ann McKaig both have the intellectual curiosity, the respect for residents, the proven leadership with staff, and an enviable record of fiscal stewardship that the village cannot afford to lose. No detail escapes Mike’s fine-tooth comb when it comes to finances. And no resident’s concern gets lost in Ann’s careful vetting of issues. So please celebrate with me and so many of your friends and neighbors our good fortune by extending it another three years. Vote for Maher and McKaig on April 4, or earlier if it works for you.

Patrick Linnane


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