Village of Whitefish Bay - As a child, Sean Nettesheim of Whitefish Bay was a voracious Pokemon player who collected all the cards with his brother, and watched the popular TV show, until one day something devastating happened.

“We were actually having a rummage sale one time and we were looking at all of our cards, and we went off into another rummage sale or something, and our grandma ended up selling all of our cards,” Nettesheim said. “We were pretty devastated.”

Today, Nettesheim said he is only the second person in the world to catch all the Pokemon in the popular app, Pokemon Go, after catching the last of the 142 Pokemon on Sunday, July 28.

The game was released on July 6, so if Nettesheim is right, he caught them all in 22 days. He reached out to the makers of Pokemon Go, Nintendo, to confirm his win a couple weeks ago.

“I’ve reached out to them (Nintendo) several times, and haven’t heard anything back, but I have all 142 Pokemon in my Poke Deck," Nettesheim said.

Over the three weeks that Nettesheim played the game, he learned tips along the way to catch Pokemon faster.

“Your phone dies pretty quickly playing the game,” Nettesheim said. “Doing a lot of research online, I discovered if you only have the app open, you can turn down your brightness and turn your Wi-Fi off. Eventually my phone died so fast that I had to use a portable charger from my fiancée. If you play for more than two hours, your phone is going to be dead.”

He also said Lake Park on Milwaukee’s east side is the best place to catch them, but he gave additional tips for those who can’t play in that area.

“I’d say, it’s all about constantly moving,” Nettesheim said. “You have to have a lot of patience. You get lucky sometimes with what you catch and what spawns near you. It’s all about talking with players in your area. You just have to play around a ton of other people because that’s when a lot of really good Pokemon come out.”

As for his favorite Pokemon of all time, Nettesheim selected a classic.

“As a kid, I was always about Pikachu just because when you’re a little kid, you wanted to be Ash Ketchum and pretend Pikachu and all the other Pokemon are real, so Pikachu is my guy.”

Since the game is over for Nettesheim – at least for now, as it is rumored Nintendo will release eight additional rare Pokemon in North America – he will be busy planning his upcoming wedding with his fiancée, but he said she was happy to spend time playing the game with him this summer.

“I think she’s probably a little embarrassed, but she plays the game, too,” Nettesheim said. “She thinks it’s a lot of fun, so she was pretty happy for me. I think she’s probably happy I caught them all now and I can help her start planning the wedding a little more.”

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