SHOREWOOD - Three Shorewood residents woke up Monday, April 10, to find their cars had been stolen overnight.

Car thefts were reported in the 2300 block of Lake Bluff Boulevard, 4400 block of Frederick Avenue and 1500 block of Kensington Boulevard. Shorewood police recovered one of stolen vehicles, which had been abandoned near 33rd Street and North Avenue. Shorewood police suspect two of the cars were stolen with a spare key or fob.

Also late Sunday night and early Monday morning, three other cars had their passenger side windows broken at 3575 N. Oakland Ave., the 4500 block of Woodburn Street and the 4300 block of Marlborough Drive

To prevent crimes like these from occurring, Shorewood police are asking residents to lock their car doors and remove spare keys — and anything else of value — from their vehicles. Residents are also encouraged to call the police immediately if they hear or see anything suspicious in their neighborhood.

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