SHOREWOOD - Shorewood Village Manager Chris Swartz will be retiring five months earlier than originally planned.

Swartz, 60, has served as village manager for 13 years. He announced in January that he would retire Oct. 9, but in a letter to the village board on Tuesday, Feb. 21, he said he would like to move his retirement date to May 19. Swartz said he decided to retire in May because his wife Katie is retiring in June and because retiring earlier would not change his compensation.

Six recruiting firms have been contacted to hire Swartz's replacement. Once the board receives those firms' proposals on March 1, trustees will choose two or three firms to interview on March 13. The board would likely choose a consultant on March 20.

Swartz has worked in local government for 35 years, including an internship in Elm Grove, working as a researcher for the Citizens Governmental Research Bureau/Public Policy Forum, treasurer for the village of East Troy and a 13-year stint as village administrator in Sussex.

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