Shorewood - After 13 years as Shorewood's village manager, Chris Swartz announced Tuesday, Jan. 3, that he plans to retire Oct. 9.

Swartz, 60, said it has been a true honor to serve the village since 2004, but he would like to focus on spending more quality time with his wife, children, grandchildren, family and friends, as well as to pursue activities outside of village government.

He announced his retirement plans in a letter to Shorewood Village President Guy Johnson, and he read the letter to the Shorewood Village Board during a board meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 3. Johnson was a village trustee when Swartz was first hired by the village board, and he is the only person from that time to continue serving on the board.

"Your leadership inspired board and staff members, as well as a dedicated group of volunteers who came together over the years, to make a contribution to the betterment of the Shorewood community," Swartz said of Johnson. "I was fortunate as well to work with a group of trustees whose goal was to selflessly ensure efficient, effective and open local government, while improving the quality of life for all Shorewood citizens."

Swartz has worked in local government for 35 years, including an internship in Elm Grove, working as a researcher for the Citizens Governmental Research Bureau/Public Policy Forum, treasurer for the village of East Troy and a 13-year stint as village administrator in Sussex.

Swartz' 13-year tenure in Shorewood is in keeping with a tradition of long-tenured village managers in Shorewood. Swartz commended village employees, which contributed to his enjoyment of the work.

"It is no wonder that many Shorewood village managers make Shorewood their last career stop, and I am no exception," Swartz said.

Swartz emphasized that the village has many important objectives to accomplish in 2017. He said he plans to work closely with the village board and department directors to assure an effective transition plan, including the recruitment of the next village manager.

Johnson said he is going to miss Swartz, and that the village benefited from Swartz' service.

“Chris is a very talented village manager and Shorewood is fortunate to have him. He excels with customer service, staff hires, neighborhood initiatives and plays a major role in making our business district the envy of the North Shore,” Johnson said. “We are very grateful for his dedication to Shorewood and look forward to working with him to serve our community through much of 2017.”

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