Shorewood - The Shorewood Municipal Water Utility has filed an application with the state to increase water rates by 14 percent.

The village is required to file an application with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin before increasing utility rates. Village officials say the 14 percent increase is necessary to ensure a sufficient rate of return to cover ongoing debt service needs, increasing costs, and bring the utility back into a positive cash position.

The total increase in water revenues requested is $253,452.  If the request is granted, the water bill for general service for an average residential customer with a five-eighth-inch or three-quarter-inch meter who uses 1,900 cubic feet of water (approximately 14,200 gallons) per quarter will increase from $68.73 to $79.80, a 16 percent increase.

A public hearing was held via telephone on Tuesday, Nov. 15, but no members of the public were present. Two residents submitted written comments to the PSC. Neither of the comments expressed concern or opposition to the rate increase.

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