Shorewood - The six-story, mixed-use "Mosaic on Oakland" building under construction north of the Shorewood Metro Market has added OrangeTheory Fitness to its list of ground-floor retail tenants.

OrangeTheory is the second tenant to be announced in the Mosaic on Oakland building, 4151 N. Oakland Ave., with Mod Pizza being the first to announce last year. The building has space for four to five retailers within the 15,700 square feet of ground-floor retail space. OrangeTheory is expected to open in mid-January, and the 96 luxury apartments on the upper five levels will be ready for occupancy in February.

OrangeTheory will occupy 3,372 square feet in the Mosaic on Oakland development. OrangeTheory has two studios in Madison, one in Brookfield, one in the Mequon Town Center studio and it plans to open a studio in Delafield in October. The franchise has rapidly grown in the last two years, jumping from 150 studios at the beginning of 2015 to an expected 700 at the end of this year.

Kevin Scharnek owns the Brookfield and Delafield studios, and he said he is excited to open in Shorewood. He said the village meets his ideal demographics in terms of population density, income, age and active lifestyles.

OrangeTheory Fitness is a one-hour group fitness workout broken into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training. With the guidance of instructors, participants use a variety of equipment, including treadmills, rowing machines, TRX suspension training and free weights.

One unique thing about OrangeTheory is that all of the members wear heart rate monitors that are visible on television screens throughout the gym. Scharnek said the goal of the heart rate monitors is to achieve 85 percent of your maximum heart rate for at least 12 minutes, which results in "excess post-exercise oxygen consumption."

"Your body uses such an intense amount of oxygen, it takes up to 36 hours for the body to replenish itself," he said. "Your metabolism stays increased for 36 hours while your body regains oxygen."

Classes run from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. Memberships are sold on a month-to-month basis and are now available at discounted presale rates.

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