Shorewood -  It felt like "Happy Days" was here again at Benji's Deli, when The Fonz himself stopped in for a sandwich.

Henry Winkler, who played Arthur Fonzarelli on the 1970s sitcom "Happy Days," was in Milwaukee this week to attend Wisconsin State Fair on Wednesday, Aug. 10, when reunited with his former co-stars for a "Happy Days Live!" event.

Hanging out around town the day before the show, he stopped for lunch at Benji's and posed for a photo with the bronze statue of himself on the Riverwalk.

His waitress was Sue Abendroth, who has been serving reubens and matzah ball soup at the New York-style deli for the past 35 years. Winkler, a New York native, ordered a bagel with lox and a pastrami sandwich.

Abendroth had a hard time hiding her admiration for Winkler. She told him how she went to Nicolet High School - right next to Kopp's Frozen Custard. Kopp's was previously home to The Milky Way Drive-In, which is said to have inspired Arnold's Drive-In, the "Happy Days" hangout. She pointed out that Nicolet's blue and white school colors were the same as those of Jefferson High School on the show.

"He let me ramble on and on," Abendroth said. "He hugged me before he left. He was amazing. He was as nice as everyone says he is."

Another Benji's employee, Zakary Rodziczak, asked Winkler to sign his Harley Davidson Sportster. Winkler signed the top of the fuel tank with a special message: "You are cool Zak!!"

Shortly after leaving the deli, Winkler tweeted a photo of himself with the "Bronze Fonz" statue, saying "OH YES. I visit when I'm in Milwaukee."

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