Grafton High School is looking for families to host several exchange students for the 2017-18 academic year.

The school is working with the Council for Education Travel, USA to place the students with host families.

The students will arrive in August to live as an active member of their host family, according to a posting on the Grafton School District website. One goal of the visit is for the students to "learn about American life and traditions" as well as share their culture.

Students can speak English well enough to take classes without assistance at the high school. They arrive with medical insurance and receive a monthly allowance for school and entertainment.

Families interested in hosting one of the exchange students do not need to have children already enrolled in the school. The posting also suggests single parents and families with no children or small children also make good host families.

A CETUSA flyer states the goal of the council is to encourage "a lifelong journey of global peace and understanding for the students, host families and communities that are part of the exchange experience."

Host families are expected to furnish students with a bed and a place to study, share mealtimes, provide transportation to and from activities and events as needed, guide and assist the student as they adapt to the new environment, and share American family culture and tradition, according to the flyer.

Those interested in hosting can contact Elizabeth Freeman at 414-688-0955 or

CETUSA also offers 24-hour support to families, according to the flyer.

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