GLENDALE - A man admitted to Glendale police that he stole an envelope from the owners of The Brick Pub and Grill on Saturday, April 22.

The man turned himself into Glendale police on Wednesday, April 26 after several news outlets ran stories about the theft on April 22, when the owners of the Glendale bar and restaurant were handing an envelope containing a check and some cash over to their investors. The investors accidentally left the cash-filled envelope unattended on the table, and a man sitting at a nearby table took the envelope and walked out of the restaurant. The man caught the attention of wait staff because he did not order any food.

The Brick's video surveillance cameras caught the man red-handed. Surveillance cameras outside the building showed the man driving a green Volkswagon Jetta.

(This article was updated on Wednesday, April 26 after the man turned himself into police.)

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