BROWN DEER - Brown Deer voters will see three candidates on the ballot for Brown Deer School Board, but only two candidates wish to serve on the board.

Rachael Fellers and Todd Beadle are running for two seats on the school board. Rahsaan Dunn has withdrawn from the race, but his name cannot be removed from the ballot in the April 4 election. If Dunn is one of the top two vote-getters, he can choose to decline the position. The vacancy would then be filled by appointment.

Even though Dunn is no longer running for the election, the North Shore Now has asked Fellers and Beadle to answer the following three questions in 50 words or less.

Why are you running for Brown Deer School Board?

Beadle: My passion for education and unwavering support of our great community are the reasons I’m running for Brown Deer School Board. Brown Deer has been home for over 15 years. The district was a key factor for my family moving to Brown Deer. My children (Tenesha 2004 and Todd Jr. 2016) graduated from BDHS.

Fellers: I am running for school board because I believe I can use my skills and knowledge as a teacher, parent of two children in the district, and community member, to assist the district in furthering their mission and eliminating the achievement gap.

What do you think is the most important issue facing the Brown Deer School District, and what do you think should be done to address that issue?

Beadle: Ensuring our district is preparing students for college and the 21st century work force. I think the current administration and board are really focused on those areas. I currently serve on the strategic planning committee and design teams that are focusing on improving our school community and building partnerships with businesses to provide real work experience for our students.

Fellers: The lack of space in the elementary school is a strenuous burden for families and staff. I think the district and the community should continue to explore ways to alleviate congestion.

The school district's growing enrollment has caused a space shortage in the school district. One possible solution raised by district officials is to acquire the Brown Deer Library. Would you support that purchase if elected to the school board?

Beadle: I am in support of acquiring the Brown Deer Library, only if it is converted for serving our kindergarten through first grades. That space is conducive to providing our youngest students with a separate facility and the location would still part of the district grounds for families.

Fellers: I am in favor of the concept because the proximity of the library to the school campus makes it an ideal solution. I would need to know the financial details for the purchase of the land and the renovations needed to transform the space to make a final decision.

Todd Beadle

Age: 50

Address: 9087 N. Brandy Brook Trail

Occupation: Executive for education and social services

Education: Doctorate of educational leadership, National Louis University; masters of educational administration, National Louis University; masters of business administration, Cardinal Stritch University; bachelors of art, Jackson State University

Political History: None

Phone number: 414-406-1081

Email address:

Rachael Fellers

Age: 35

Address: 5920 W. Range Ave.

Occupation: Volunteer

Education: anthropology, M.A. special education

Political history: none

Phone number: (414) 732-0244


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