Brown Deer - When the Brown Deer Police Department learned that an Army veteran was scammed out of Green Bay Packers tickets, they pooled their resources to get her new tickets.

Nicole Hoffmann contacted Brown Deer police on Sept. 3 to report that she was ripped off when trying to buy Packers tickets off of Craigslist. She said the seller seemed like a legitimate ticket broker, so she sent her $550 for two tickets to the Packers vs. Cowboys game on Oct. 16. Hoffmann said she and her fiancee are huge fans of Brett Favre, and they were looking forward to seeing him honored at halftime for his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It was also going to be their first time at Lambeau Field.

After a couple days of waiting for the tickets to arrive, Hoffmann began to suspect she had been duped.

"I Googled her, and she showed up on a fraud report website saying she had been involved in ticket scams in 2013, 2014 and 2015," she said. "As soon as I saw that, my heart pretty much dropped."

During the police department's investigation, Hoffmann told police officer Nick Anderson that she served in the Army for two years at Fort Bragg military base. After sharing her story with the rest of the police department, they called on their friends and were able to get two tickets to the Packers vs. Colts game on Nov. 6 and two tickets to a Badgers game on Sept. 17 against Georgia State.

Anderson and six other officers surprised Hoffman with the tickets on Wednesday, Sept. 7, when they showed up at her front door.

"I was shocked," Hoffman said. "At first I had a freak-out moment, like why are all these cops at my house? But as soon as Officer Anderson started talking, I put two and two together. I just lost it and cried like a baby."

The officers' heartwarming exchange with Hoffman was captured in a video posted to the Brown Deer Police Department's Twitter account.

After local Veteran is scammed .@BrownDeerWIPD Officers donate replacement .@packers plus .@BadgerFootball tickets! pic.twitter.com/Dyq8bOysyY

— Brown Deer PD (@BrownDeerWIPD) September 7, 2016

The Packers tickets were not for the Cowboys game, but they were still in time for her fiancee's birthday. Anderson will be sitting next to them for their first-ever experience at Lambeau Field.

"I was disappointed because we weren't going to see Brett Favre at the Packers-Cowboys game, but I think this game on Nov. 6 will mean more because of the generosity of the police department and having Officer Anderson sitting next to us," Hoffman said.

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