As the 2016 presidential election reached its final hours, the nation's eyes turned toward Milwaukee County.

Milwaukee County and its North Shore suburbs favored Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, but that support was not enough to tip the scales. In the early morning hours, the media declared Republican businessman Donald Trump as the next president of the United States of America.

Turnout in the North Shore ranged from 77 percent in Brown Deer to 86 percent in River Hills and Fox Point. Clinton received the highest amount of votes in Shorewood (76 percent) and the least amount of votes in River Hills (51 percent). River Hills was the only community to favor U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, who earned 55 percent of the vote in that community.

"Lesser of two evils" was a common phrase uttered by North Shore voters on both sides of the aisle as they walked out of their polling location Tuesday night. One of those voters was Carol Beckmann, a Glendale conservative who - for the first time in years - didn't post a sign in her yard for the Republican presidential candidate. She had several issues with Donald Trump, not the least of which was his "crass vocabulary."

"He doesn't fit my values, but corruption doesn't fit my values, either," she said. "Our government needs a massive overhaul."

Whitefish Bay Republican Patrick Noble was also hesitant to vote for Trump, but his mind was made up when he thought about the future of the Supreme Court.

"I also like that he's an entrepreneur, and that could bring something the country's never seen before - at least not in my lifetime," he said.

On the Democratic side, Shorewood resident Kurt Maurer voted for Clinton, even though he supported Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the primary election.He said the "idea of a Donald Trump presidency keeps me up at night."

"I think he would start a Twitter war that would result in an outside-the-Twitter-world war," he said. "Anytime he gets offended by anyone, he is very quick to lash out, and that does not work well on the international stage. I think he would burn bridges with every major political figure except Vladmir Putin, and I don't think we need to buddy up with Putin."

The notion of a Trump presidency also motivated Whitefish Bay resident William Bott to the polls.

"I feel like the country could go in two polar opposite directions tonight," he said. "I don't see a future in Donald Trump's great America."

Millennial voters like Bott were seen as a major key to Clinton's victory nationwide. In Glendale, 19-year-old Isabella Sevenich said many people her age are politically engaged and planning to vote. She said it was "surreal" to have the power to vote for a woman as president.

"We've come from women fighting for their right to vote to having a woman on the presidential ballot," she said. "That's such a big step to take in less than 100 years."

Other millennials like Shorewood resident Kevin Foster were a little more skeptical. He said he voted for Sanders in the primary election, but he had trouble trusting Clinton in the general election. He voted for Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

"I'm pretty confident that Wisconsin is going blue for Hillary," he said. "I'm doing what I can to help the Green Party get to  5 percent so they can get federal funding in the next election."

CLINTON/Kaine (D)TRUMP/Pence (R)JOHNSON/Weld (L)STEIN/Baraka (G)CASTLE/Bradley (C)Voter turnout %
Brown Deer4,4072,038218643877
Fox Point2,7911,42513632586
River Hills585494324286
Whitefish Bay5,6432,660342732484
TOTALMilwaukee County288,986126,09113,5894534126180
Russ Feingold (D)Ron Johnson (R)Phillip Anderson (L)
Brown Deer4,2902,406134
Fox Point2,5371,92044
River Hills5066348
Whitefish Bay4,9193,99299
TOTALMilwaukee County276,751147,9299,883
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