BROWN DEER - Two males who allegedly robbed U.S. Bank, 4200 W. Brown Deer Road, were later arrested after they drove their car off the road into the Milwaukee River on Thursday, June 8.

One of the suspects went into the bank at 10:30 a.m.and demanded money from a teller behind the counter. The male did not display a weapon or imply he was carrying a weapon, but he got away with an undetermined amount of money, said Brown Deer Police Sgt. Michael Carver.

The male fled on foot and got into a vehicle that was later located by police. Police squads pursued the vehicle south on Green Bay Road into Glendale, where a Glendale officer became the primary pursuit vehicle.

At some point, the suspect's car cut through a grassy field. Squads did not follow the vehicle and lost sight of it until finding it in the Milwaukee River. The car had driven through a Glendale resident's front yard and back yard to end up in the river in the 5900 block of Sunny Point Road.

Officers arrested one suspect in the 1000 block of West River View Drive, and shortly later, they arrested the second suspect in the 5400 block of Milwaukee River Parkway.

North Shore Fire/Rescue crews recovered the submerged vehicle from the river around 11 a.m.

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